A few points: You might want to avoid 'fake' because it is so often used these days in the USA, and used rather incorrectly, especially by President Trump! Any topic. Even though they might be poor, they say that they have millions and they live in a big fancy mansion. ... it all sounds pretentious and bourgeois to me. Whether you take your dreams as messages from your subconscious … 1 … It means to pretend to be something you're not by adopting accents or mannerisms. I keep seeing people say "tho" at the end of every sentence. * Wouldn't we all do it, money for a very pretentious, very pseudo piece of refined old rope. Try: "When I am around pretentious people I only hear fake and insincere praise." Lv 7. No one here uses it in speech because it would sound pretentious. * He didn't adopt the Ashkenazi's pretentious jargon. * And not just with the length or overtly pretentious title. So the sentence you quoted could be rephrased as, "I've preferred sweet things up until now..." Another example: "Heretofore I've used pretentious, arcane English expressions, but people have no freakin' idea what I'm talkin' about, so I'm gonna stop it and talk like everyone else." It's only really used in formal writing - as in a business letter for example or in official documents. Just please tell me yes. You could be in a very introspective mood right now, so take some time to evaluate your dreams. Yahoo Products; Anonymous. So yes, in a way it is like exaggerating youself. 8 Answers. Just stick with "while" and everyone all over the world will know what you mean. 1 month ago. Anonymous. * Paul tries not to sound too pretentious whilst writing about himself in … Both of these sentences are grammatically correct. If I tried to speak with an English accent because I thought it made me more interesting, that would be pretentious. Analyze them long enough and you'll start to see some clear patterns emerging. It would be pretty ironic if they were comfortable using the words "pedantic" and "pretentious" in a sentence when they can't deal with the use of "one." It just needs a little line editing and more, more, more! Actually, for like a year or two now. If not, tell me what pompous really means. You might also want to broaden your circle of friends to include those with IQs and language skills to match your own. 1 decade ago. Answer Save. Relevance. For example: a sarcastic tone would be: Thanks to a genius, school started early this year. I think pompous means showing off in a superior way like using big words nobody knows. 3 Answers. The style is great and includes excellent visuals and descriptions. i hope you and your friends are wearing your masks. What I interpreted from the definition of pretentious, is that it means a person that thinks they are "all that". "Whilst" isn't used in the UK instead of "while". "Pretension" is related to 'pretend'. But they'll post a status or something saying "Going to the store tho" where the word is completely irrelevant and unnecessary but they put it there anyways because I guess they … I need reassurance. The 2nd sentence is a comma splice (run on sentence), and it’s only 2 sentences long so not a complete paragraph. I'm just not sure how to use these words as the tone in a sentence. 1 6. Jacinta. Write a pretentious sentence. 1. authoritative 2. brash 3. cautious 4. contentious 5. cynical 6.pretentious 7. sentimental 8.sultry 9. sympathetic 10. violent Thank you so much. The strange images that have been invading your mind at night hold valuable clues to what you're dealing with in your heart. Answer Save. Relevance. Does anyone else get annoyed by this? What does pompous and pretentious mean? etc. It's your choice whether to ignore them or try to educate them. 8 years ago. Your whole notion feels like 'foreigner's English'. Just make sure it sounds pretentious, k? But any kind of art can also be pretentious--film, paintings, songs, etc.
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