Note : some kinship words are different depending on whether they are said by a male or a female. Don't add honorifics "-chan" or "-kun" to the end. In the Korean language, there are different ways of saying or addressing a person, for both male and female genders. Words for family members and other relatives in Navajo (Diné Bizaad), an Athabaskan language spoken in Arizona and New Mexico in the USA. The word “sister”, in the Korean language is written as: 1. Let’s cover a few common situations, and which words to use. Fortunately, not all the words for family in Japanese are complex. In this case, then you two can comfortably call each other friends which in Korea is the word 친구 (chingu). Find more Filipino words at! Dutch: zusje (little sister) and broertje (little brother). Here, you’ll learn ways to address those who mean most in your life in 30 different languages. Imouto – “Little Sister” Kanji: 妹 // Hiragana: いもおと It may not be suitable for an older man to refer to a younger woman; I'm not sure. For example "Mei-Mei" is "Little Sister" is Chinese, I am told. Calling servers or other girls 小妹 (xiao mei = "little sister") is also very common in my experience. These are only used with "imouto" when you're being rude and condescending to your little sister. Zuster is sometimes used for the sibling kind, but broeder isn't. Typically, older siblings address younger ones by name, so there's not a big need for "liitle sister" words. Hey guys, I'm looking for phrases for "Little sister" or "Younger Sister" in other languages. Filipino words for sister include kapatid na babae, ate, madre, mongha, ditse, manang and dite. Sister and brother as in siblings are zus en broer. posted by rjs at 1:24 PM on April 15, 2011 What should you do in the cases where person is the same age as you? Lauren and I recently became “parents” to a rescue puppy who we called Schatzi, which is a cute nickname in German meaning “little treasure”.Here’s me with our little bundle of love: So to celebrate, I thought I’d put together a post about other cute nicknames from around the world. This is false. Want to impress those you care about by knowing words of endearment in different languages? Look no further. There is no word like this in Hopi, and I suspect this fraudulent name was intentionally made up because of the popularity of a Native American character named Kaya in the "American Girl" series of children's literature. Meet the 4-year old polyglot Bella from Moskow, who can speak up to 7 languages from Russian to Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and English. Thanks for any help you can provide. The Korean language is tightly connected with Korean culture, and vice versa. Otouto – “Little Brother” Kanji: 弟 // Hiragana: おとおと; The word is the same in this case, just add -san (-さん) to show respect when you’re talking about someone else’s younger brother. But it may work better for people around the same age range, which is where most of my experience lies. Learning to say “hi” is one of the first things you’ll want to know when learning a new language, so we’re here to help you get started. Sister and brother as in religious orders or the nursing profession are zuster and broeder. Use "Imouto" as the "little sister" word. KAYA: Baby name books claim this name means "little sister" or "elder sister" in Hopi.
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