When they’re resting on the bottom, one of the best lures is a big, bulky jig because it creates a lot of “noise” within a few feet of your prey. 4. How to Catch Sea Bass with Lures The Right Fishing Gear. Once you give it a try, it will open up a whole new world of bass fishing for you this summer. So I took to google for what lures to bass fish at night with and saw that a lot folks use spinners, buzzbaits, chatterbaits and top water. Martin and Lee get a double hook up.. Lures for Night Bass Fishing. at night to feed. JIGS . The best time to fish at night is in early summer during a bright moon. These fish use their sense of vibration and sound in order to feed when it is dark. Fish perch in the dark is a favorite for many connoisseurs, as the action after sunset can finally be superb and you can catch the best bass of any lake. Me and my buddies usually head for the dock when the sun starts going down. 2. There are better lures than Jitterbugs for fishing in cover at night. The best lures for bass fishing at night all have one thing in common, they do something “different” to capture the attention of the fish. Honestly I had no clue until about five minutes ago. That's because bass prowl the same waters day or night, and the so-called best lure to use depends upon the type of water you are fishing. Just like during the day bass, change their strike zone locations at night. The thoughts and opinions on what bass fishing lures are the best will vary from angler to angler. But if the weather cooperates and you dress appropriately, night fishing yields rewards year-round. The fish that are caught twenty feet deep during the day can be taken from four to eight feet during the night. Topwater baits are excellent choices in these situations. For the past couple of seasons I have been learning more about lure fishing at night for bass. If you go too fast then the lure will of moved on by the time the bass has tuned in … LURES The lures I use most at night are spinnerbaits, topwater, jigs/plastics, crankbaits, and swimbaits. Use dark lures as they provide the highest contrast. I feel that spinnerbaits are the "perfect" night fishing bait. I fished with Andy one night and met Gavin for an early morning session later in the week. Bass often feed in these areas off bugs, snakes and whatever else swims in the water at night. Black is always your best color at night and make sure you use heavy 65 pound braided line. In all varieties, the Moontalker features a dull gray blade rather than the classic shiny silver or gold one, and it seems to be the right choice when it comes to fishing for bass at night time. Their lateral line detects sonar rays readily and directs their approach to prey, whereas during the day, vision aids such pursuit. In the main part the Bass fishing was with bait and as such I haven't posted it here Wayne Hauser is a Touring Professional Bass Angler who is currently fishing on both the FLW Tour and in the BASS Opens. I only fish long rod and use the same colors at night that I use during the day. Bass feed actively at night so it is just about fishing the correct bait. Generally when bass fishing at night you're targeting actively feeding bass; so this is a good time to try those faster moving reaction baits. I have never fished for bass at night but I was skimming through Amazon and came across these bass fishing night lures. Jump to Latest Follow ... Wow! A 10-inch ribbon tail plastic worm is an old reliable for night fishing on lakes in my area. The 15 pound test is good to work the lure near cover, because you always run the risk that the … Bass Lure Fishing Forum. What are your go to lures/baits for night time bass? The most comfortable months of the year in our area for night fishing are between April and September. He really likes the Choo Choo spinner bait because of its medium-sized wire that the Colorado blade is attached to, which allows the blade to thump as you reel it. It’s hard to go wrong with this lure when targeting night time bass. Night Fishing Technique for Bass. As a general rule, use lures that are bulky and dark. Putting rattles on lures such as jigs help tremendously at night to give them some sort of sound that the bass … When it comes to colors for nighttime bass fishing, there are many suggestions that dark colors are the way to go. Lures for Bass Fishing at Night ­Although it doesn't seem logical, many anglers have found that dark lures are most effective for night fishing. About the Author. I don’t like low or high water, i … Topwater lures are great way to catch bass at night and are well known for catching big bass. I'm not sure if this is normal practice but John Mitchell and I headed for the surf last night. Bass often school at night and feed on baitfish. Remember that bass don't have the same vision as people. Dodging the awful weather and chasing those elusive bass – it at least went to plan during one memorable session! Lure fishing the surf, at night. I was helped by two local guys, Andy and Gavin and we arranged to meet. Compared to the spring or fall, bass fishing on a hot summer day can sometimes be a grind. In addition to the baits mentioned above you can use buzzbaits or baits that are completely topwater like the Hula Popper or Zara Spook. Topwater fishing is at its best in low light conditions, like early morning, late afternoon/night, or on an overcast day. If you're drowning bunker at night, do you paint them black? Night Fishing with Lures Cameron Cronin. For an in-depth guide on best bass lures, check out our exclusive page. Another thing to remember is how bass hunt at night. Baitfish don't turn black at night. As lure fishing of all types grows more and more popular, we are always on the lookout for that gun fishing method that will get us ahead of the pack and catching more fish. It also works during the day, at night, in streams, in ponds, in lakes, and deep sea fishing. Can you catch bass at night? Not only do buzzbaits make noise and create water disturbance they present a silhouette against the water's surface. Bass fishing at night is a great summertime activity. It can also be very rewarding. Best Bass Lures for Summer Night Fishing. Lures that I carry for this purpose include the very shallow running Maria Squash F95 and IMA Hound Sonic 100F.Diminutive and deadly - small shallow diving lures are excellent at night.Marc Cowling is a successful shore based, bass fishing guide specialising in catching these magnificent sporting species on lures. But once the sun goes down those lethargic fish suddenly spring to life—making things much more exciting for you. That’s because bass pray the same waters day or night, and very similar lures are used depending upon the type of water you’re fishing. When fishing for bass at night during the warm summer months, heed the advice from a successful guide and stock up on three specific lures to stack the deck in your favor You can catch summer largemouths during daylight hours, especially during cloudy periods or when the water is muddy. i One hot summer's night, a year or so back, me and a friend were returning home from a session on the flats a bit later than usual. My good friend John Powson caught this super 10lb bass on a lure on his first ever night lure fishing session with me… Forum member speno with a fine night time bass.. Andrew Ariss catches his first night time bass. Yes, you can absolutely catch bass at night. That way you’ll give curious bass enough time to locate the lure in the dark. They will sense your lures not see them so when you make a vibration for them to pick up leave the lure a moment so the bass can home in on it. When bass burrow into the sunken brush piles at a lake, a slow-moving Texas-rigged magnum-sized plastic worm is ideal for working through the limbs of the cover. Bass Fishing Guide , Bass Lure Fishing , Bass lures darkness , Bass on lures at night , Catching bass in darkness , Fly Fishing for bass , guided fishing , Guided fishing bass , Professional Fishing Guide , Salmon bass fishing , sea temperature bass , uk bass fishing Here is a checklist of things you will need for lure fishing. Topwater Frog Lures I’ve spent what feels like decades on the water at night, and I can tell you, there’s nothing more exciting than the sound of fish jumping out of the water with the moonlight shining down across the pond. Every day, night time offers the best opportunity to catch big bass. In addition to dealing with intense heat, bass aren’t as active during daylight hours. When the sun goes down, flip on the lights and get in on summer’s best bass fishing. There is no thrill in bass fishing quite like a topwater hit. Bladed Swim Jigs. A few modifications to your tackle and gear are all it takes to get things cranking from dusk till dawn. No more light passes thru a white lure than it does a black lure. Never really bought into the black at night theory. When fishing at night, noisy lures do draw notice from bass. Night fishing for bass with a couple pollock come into the mix , great fun fishing ! The wind can be an important factor as well. When it comes to lures, opaque is opaque. Most of the same lures that work well in the daylight such as I talked about in the recent springtime post best bass lures will work at night. Chatterbaits or bladed jigs give off a ton of vibration, which makes them an excellent bait for night fishing. My first experience of this is when I was in Guernsey visiting my daughter. The blade in front of the jig displaces a lot of water giving bass … Night fishing is much different than day fishing and takes some getting used to. I was intrigued. 4. Percy Priest has produced the biggest bass for me each year in March. A bait that provides scent, vibrations and can be fish slow is ideal. Bass Fishing at Night Lures Carter fishes a 3/4-ounce Choo Choo spinner bait with a #7 chrome Colorado blade with a red- and-purple skirt as his bass fishing at night lure. I had no clue that bass are active at night. Whether it’s a violent strike or a subtle gulp, fishing with top water lures is a fun way to fish. Bass won't move long distances just for the night. What Color Lures To Use For Night Time Bass Fishing. Night bass fishing lures that create a surface commotion, such as a buzzbait, are good choices for any time of night but can be especially effective during the period between dusk to dark. At Lake Bryson (Texas) recently, I used an old hat trick to catch six bass within about an hour and a half - a black Jitterbug.
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