Our duty and obligation is to help our patients. All of the coal miners were in the Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program and worked in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. Home; Black lung disease icd 10 health; Filter Type: All Mens Health Womens Health Vitamin Search Page 2/20: black lung disease - ICD10Data.com.
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  • In addition, the type of cancer and general overall health of the patient play a part in the stage identification. Life expectancy for a person with (bronchiolitis obliterans) depends upon how early the disease was diagnosed and level of exposure to diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione. Sometime the coughing may bring up black sputum (mucus). The dying process is divided into preactive and active phases.

    More Information . For people with the serious form of the illness, they may experience a continually worsening cough or breathing problems as time goes on. These symptoms may initially occur after strenuous activity, but as the disease progresses, they may become present at rest as well. The prognosis for black lung disease, which is caused by repeatedly inhaling coal mine dust over a prolonged amount of time, depends on the duration and extent of one’s exposure to coal mine dust. This article is not legal advice. '> Lung cancer life expectancy stage 2 - Also, keep in mind that not everyone with a particular stage of lung cancer has the same prognosis. The disease gets its name from a distinctive blue-black marbling of the lung caused by accumulation of the dust. Explore. [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=US"],