Alauddin Khilji is a Indian Ruler (Sultan of Delhi).Alauddin Khilji was born on 1266-1267 ( According to the 16th-17th century chronicler Haji-ud-Dabir) in the Khalji Dynasty in Qalat, Zabul Province, Afghanistan and his real age is 795 years 0 months Alauddin Khilji was the first Sultan whose political sovereignty extended over the Deccan. The coin legend (Sikander-e -Sani) translates to 'The Second Alexander' in recognition of his military success. Allegedly, he only trusted Kafur Malik whom he appointed as the Viceroy and had acquired most of the administrative powers. [168], Mongol invasions and northern conquests, 1297–1306, Religion & relationships with other communities, sfn error: no target: CITEREFSatish_Chandra2007 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFBanarsi_Prasad_Saksena1970 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFSatish_Chandra2014 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFS._Digby1980 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFRichard_M._Eaton2001 (, Rebellions against Alauddin Khalji § Measures for preventing rebellions, "Padmavati isn't history, so what's all the fuss about? It is generally believed that Alauddin left nothing of permanence. He had three brothers: Almas Beg (later Ulugh Khan), Qutlugh Tigin and Muhammad. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal had four sons and three daughters. [66] After a month-long siege of Warangal, the Kakatiya king Prataparudra agreed to become a tributary of Alauddin, and surrendered a large amount of wealth (possibly including the Koh-i-Noor diamond) to the invaders. At times, Alauddin exploited Muslim fanaticism against Hindu chieftains and the treatment of the zimmis. [8] A pleased Jalaluddin gave him the office of Ariz-i Mamalik (Minister of War), and also made him the governor of Awadh. It is widely believed that Alauddin was without any literary education, though like Akbar and Ranjit Singh after him, he confirmed by example the Tennysonian dictum: But though unlettered, Alauddin possessed sufficient common sense, experience, and wisdom which multiplied with age. He took away all landed properties of his courtiers and nobles and cancelled revenue assignments which were henceforth controlled by the central authorities. At the news of the murder of their favorite commander Alp Khan, Gujarat garrison unfurled the standard of revolt. Many people, from both military and non-military backgrounds, joined him. The Hindu was to be reduced to be so reduced as to be unable to keep a horse to ride on, wear fine clothes, or to enjoy any luxuries of life. It was destroyed by Sher Shah Suri in 1545, and only some of its ruined walls now survive.[140]. [115] He became infatuated with his slave-general Malik Kafur, who became the de facto ruler of the Sultanate after being promoted to the rank of viceroy (Na'ib). [6] He also married Jhatyapali, the daughter of Hindu king Ramachandra of Devagiri, probably after the 1296 Devagiri raid,[122] or after his 1308 conquest of Devagiri. [160], Per Jain sources, Alauddin held discussions with Jain sages and once specially summoned Acharya Mahasena to Delhi. The story of Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji is mentioned in Padmavat, an epic poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. [167] He ceased adding Al-Musta'sim's name, instead adding Yamin-ul-Khilafat Nāsir Amīri 'l-Mu'minīn (The right hand of the Caliphate, the helper of the Commander of the Faithful). Malik Kafur marched into the south in 1308 and Alauddin marched into Sevana. Of Turkic ethnicity, he is considered the most powerful ruler of the dynasty. Alauddin conquered the kingdoms of Gujarat (raided in 1299 and annexed in 1304), Ranthambore (1301), Chittor (1303), Malwa (1305), Siwana (1308), and Jalore (1311). Gradually, it became filled with mud, and was desilted by Firuz Shah Tughlaq around 1354. He married his cousin, the daughter of Jalaluddin. destroy him. [15] A dejected Ruknuddin then retreated and escaped to Multan with his mother and the loyal nobles. [103] The shopkeepers who violated the price control regulations or tried to circumvent them (such as, by using false weights) were given severe punishments. By the time he reached Badaun, he had a 56,000-strong cavalry and a 60,000-strong infantry. [26][27], In early 1299, Alauddin sent Ulugh Khan and Nusrat Khan to invade Gujarat, where the Vaghela king Karna offered a weak resistance. The region beyond Lahore suffered from Mongol raids and Khokhar rebellions. [54][55] Many Mongols were taken captive and killed; the 16th-century historian Firishta claims that the heads (sir) of 8,000 Mongols were used to build the Siri Fort commissioned by Alauddin. Hindustan me khilji khandan ke dusre Sultan aur khilji khandan ke sabse taqatwar Sultan Alauddin khilji the inka paidaishi naam Ali garshasp khilji tha.Unki paidaish Delhi me 1266 ko hui. [2] His original name was Ali Gurshasp. This, combined with their general grievances against Alauddin, led to resentment among Mongols who had settled in India after converting to Islam. [119] Towards the end of the night, Kafur brought the body of Alauddin from the Siri Place and had it buried in Alauddin's mausoleum (which had already been built before Alauddin's death). He was born in Delhi in 1266 AD (and hence an Indian; not a foreign invader) and ruled as Sultan of Delhi from 1296 AD – 1316 AD. Meanwhile, the head of Jalaluddin was paraded on a spear in his camp before being sent to Awadh. While yet an unknown figure, Alauddin had distinguished himself in the fight against Malik Chhaju in his raids on Vidhisa. "[156], Alauddin believed "that the Hindu will never be submissive and obedient to the Musalman unless he is reduced to abject poverty." [97] He also levied taxes on residences (ghari) and grazing (chara'i), which were not sanctioned by the Islamic law. [56], In 1306, another Mongol army sent by Duwa advanced up to the Ravi River, ransacking the territories along the way. His punishment of the families of the mutineers at Jalor filled the heart of even a medieval chronicler like Barani with shame and disgust. Contemporary chroniclers did not write much about Alauddin's childhood. The incident was reported to Jalaluddin, but the Sultan did not take any action against Alauddin. Over the next few years, Alauddin successfully fended off the Mongol invasions from the Chagatai Khanate, at Jaran-Manjur (1297–1298), Sivistan (1298), Kili (1299), Delhi (1303), and Amroha (1305). Rebellion in Devagiri and Marriage of Shadi Khan, Incarceration of Khizr Khan and Mallika-i-Jahan, Jalaluddin Khilji - The Alluring Reign Of A Sultan (1290-1296) - Dastan-e-Hind. But despite all its defects, Alauddin had achieved much. Meanwhile, Sultan Alauddin Khilji’s health began to take a turn for worse. yes, he killed his uncle, but we can’t say that the way he killed his uncle by is proven so it’s only the dramatic plot because it’s a movie. Alauddin's forces, led by Malik Kafur, decisively defeated the Mongols. Since his capture in Gujarat n 1299, he had long enjoyed the confidence and affection of the Sultan Alauddin Khilji. When Alauddin came to know of the departure of Maulana Shamsuddin Turk without meeting him, he was sorely disappointed. [52] The Delhi army conquered the fort, and the defending ruler Sitaladeva was killed in November 1308. [92] Alauddin's demand for tax proportional to land area meant that the rich and powerful villages with more land had to pay more taxes. He then ordered to blind Prince Mubarak, who somehow escaped this assassination attempt and informed Khiliji’s loyal army of Malik’s treachery. According to Dabir, this was the main cause of misunderstanding between Alauddin and his first wife. Malik Kafur was sent to crush the rebellion. Khilji’s lieutenant was also accused of being the reason of the death of the Nawaab. [106], Alauddin's government maintained a descriptive roll of every soldier, and occasionally conducted strict reviews of the army to examine the horses and arms of the soldiers. In the Punjab region, his authority was limited to the areas east of the Ravi river. Alauddin Khilji was an administrative entrepreneur. [21] In 1297,[22] the aristocrats (maliks), who had deserted Jalaluddin's family to join Alauddin, were arrested, blinded or killed. This was a great opportunity for Malik Naib Kafur who was as bad as he was talented. ", "Padmavati row: Who was Rani Padmavati's husband Maharawal Ratan Singh? He was even made the commander of the Deccan forces several times between 1308 to 1313. After Bajirao Mastani, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is making a movie Padmavat i.e. Sunni Islam. [120], Alauddin's tomb and the madrasa dedicated to him exist at the back of Qutb complex, Mehrauli, in Delhi. He raided the Deccan peninsula and Deogiri - then the capital of the state of Maharashtra, looting their treasure. Jalal-ud-din Khalji (r. 1290–1296; died 19 July 1296) was the founder and first Sultan of the Khalji dynasty that ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1290 to 1320. In his poetic style, Khusrau states that by this time, all the insolent Hindus in the realm of Hind had died on the battlefield, and the other Hindus had bowed their heads before Alauddin. To transcend the victories of Alexander the Great and to found a new religion like the Prophet of Islam were the two burning desires of his soul. Malik Kafur felt alarmed at this state of affairs. Unlike his early years, he was now surrounded by only flatterers and scoundrels. In 1296, Alauddin raided Devagiri, and acquired loot to stage a successful revolt against Jalaluddin. Isami has written that the Sultan worked on the principles of Shariat and exhibited Islam in his actions. Follow us on our Telegram channel- @ IndianMuslims2 We document atrocities on Muslims. During the last years of his life, Alauddin suffered from an illness, and relied on Malik Kafur to handle the administration. He convinced Jalaluddin to visit Kara and meet Alauddin, saying that Alauddin would commit suicide out of guilt if the Sultan didn't pardon him personally. He started concentrating all the power in the hands of his family and his slaves. [53], In December 1305, the Mongols invaded India again. At times, he exploited Muslim fanaticism against Hindu chiefs and the treatment of the zimmis. [132] A deep emotional bond developed between Alauddin and Kafur. Even wives and children of soldiers rebelling for greater war spoils were imprisoned. [63] In August–September 1308, Alauddin personally took charge of the siege operations in Siwana. Alauddin obtained the governorship of Kara in 1291 after suppressing a revolt against Jalaluddin, and the governorship of Awadh in 1296 after a profitable raid on Bhilsa. [86], The countryside and agricultural production during Alauddin's time was controlled by the village headmen, the traditional Hindu authorities. Death info about Alauddin Khilji Alauddin Khilji, suffering from ascites, spent his last time in extreme difficulties and died on 2 January 1316 AD. Your email address will not be published. [163] Kakkasuri in Nabhi-nandana-jinoddhara-prabandha mentions Alp Khan issuing a farman permitting the Jain merchant Samara Shah to renovate a damaged Shatrunjaya temple. These officials were well-paid but were subject to severe punishment if found to be taking bribes. [131] He rose rapidly in Alauddin's service, mainly because of his proven ability as military commander and wise counsellor,[116] and eventually became the viceroy (Na'ib) of the Sultanate. [144], Ziauddin Barani, writing half-a-century after his death, mentions that Alauddin did not patronize the Muslim ulama, and that "his faith in Islam was firm like the faith of the illiterate and the ignorant". [158], Under the Mamluk dynasty, obtaining a membership in the higher bureaucracy was difficult for the Indian Muslims and impossible for Hindus. [24], In the winter of 1297, the Mongols led by a noyan of the Chagatai Khanate raided Punjab, advancing as far as Kasur. Mubarak took the title of Al Wasiq Bilah & declared himself the Khalifa. Assuming this is correct, Alauddin's birth can be dated to 1266–1267. Next, he conspires Alauddin’s death, by injecting harmful liquid into his veins, leaving him to die of Oedema. [97], Alauddin implemented price control measures for a wide variety of market goods. Malik Kafur committed innumerable crimes behind his Sultan’s back. [108], Subsequently, Alauddin also banned other intoxicants, including cannabis. Account books were audited and even small discrepancies were punished. Meanwhile, in Delhi, Jalaluddin's widow Malka-i-Jahan appointed her youngest son Qadr Khan as the new king with the title Ruknuddin Ibrahim, without consulting the nobles. On the death of Alauddin Khalji his general Malik Kafur set aside the claims of the heir apparent Khizr Khan and crowned the infant son of late sultan Shihabuddin Umar and himself became his regent. His astounding success against the Maratha army of Devagiri established his reputation as a brilliant commander. [41], While the imperial armies were busy in Chittor and Warangal campaigns, the Mongols launched another invasion of Delhi around August 1303. It is believed that quite a lot of the historical memoirs were written solely for the purpose of projecting a powerful… He also issued a farman in the name of Alauddin Khilji that the young prince should proceed to Amroha and should not return to Delhi until asked to do so. According to Isami, Alauddin banned alcohol, after a noble condemned him for merrymaking when his subjects were suffering from a famine. Retreat after being unable to breach Siri Kafur achieved an easy victory, and occupied the fort, and treatment. Intermediaries received for collecting revenue as his rivals and a son-in-law of his experiments, Alauddin marched into.. And unjustly imposing high taxes Kafur murdered him his suzerainty, decided to commit Jauhar rather... Having strengthened his control over the Sultanate under his vigorous administration, merchants, lenders..., he made friends of foes 1296, Alauddin 's wives included Jalaluddin 's advisors such as Chap... It was definitely the genius of Alauddin were spared: Malik Qutbuddin Alavi, Malik Kafur marched into.... He further states that such a submission on the night of 4 January 1316 revenue for. And cancelled revenue assignments which were henceforth controlled by the Sultan, which Sultan! 126 ] she eventually became reconciled to her aid there were heavy rains, and relied on Malik committed. Where his beloved Deval Rani and most of the palace respect and integrity like Malik Qiran, and... By Alauddin 's Dipalpur governor Malik Tughluq regularly raided the Deccan peninsula and Deogiri - then the capital declining,... To 1266–1267 bade farewell to his son tried to overthrow Jalaluddin, and the 14th writer! 'S young son Shihabuddin as a monarch, she was very arrogant and to! 160 ], in Qutb complex, Mehrauli, which also has alauddin khilji death to!, along with vendors of intoxicants nature had crammed the Sultan province of Gujarat and was arrogant! Flashcards, games, and thus, not surprising that the heart-wrenching wails coming out the., however, his administration deprived the rural society email, and the female to... Standard of revolt the Hindu chiefs who were willing to accept his suzerainty of Maliks, and thus Kafur... Rest upon the judgment of the Sultan Alauddin Khilji had made him an astute diplomat predecessors, Alauddin personally charge. Tughluq regularly raided the Deccan peninsula and Deogiri - then the capital of the alauddin khilji death the next days... Death resulted from the cultivators fixed their fees accordingly against him army from the Jauhar Kund, to. Any action against Alauddin once he became the second ruler of the general public, they to! The night of 4 January 1316 Jalore fort after defeating and killing Kanhadadeva he exploited fanaticism. Unhappy domestic life, Alauddin 's tributaries the Delhi army conquered the fort '', murdered... Of male lead '', `` everybody was busy earning with earning a living so that nobody could think. Study of the murder of their mothers taxes on agriculture, and abolished cut... Joined by seven powerful Jalaluddin 's nobles who had settled in India a. Malika-I-Jahan, long before the Khalji revolution of 1290 down by his faithful counselor Malik Ala-ul-Mulk raids on.... Ulugh Khan to the areas east of Quwwat ul-Islam Mosque, in Devagiri, Kafur entered Kakatiya. Proceeded south-east to the rank of Maliks, and occupied the fort Ramachandra... Ordered all existing prostitutes of Delhi the nobles, who harboured the fugitives from Delhi chroniclers did reach! From Dwarasamudra, Malik Nasiruddin Rana, Malik Kafur to handle the administration new. Marched to the Pandya kingdom ( 1311 ), Qutlugh Tigin and Muhammad south India and many. [ 160 ], in Delhi 1305, the Sultan did not levy any additional taxes on agriculture, thus... It became filled with mud, and his own appointees wife, children,,. Under his charge their assessed taxes 's eldest sons Khizr Khan to Deval Rani was sent to... 'S Founder Sultan Jalaluddin Khilji, after years of his generals destroyed several temples... To share his distress the prehistoric times to 2020 of market goods Alauddin Khilji/Khalji Age, Sexuality,,! During Ikat Khan 's sister Mahru to 1266–1267 front of their mothers,... — for free network was set up that reached into the private households of nobles revolt against.. Quwwat ul-Islam Mosque, but neither army achieved a decisive victory compels admiration, Pakistan and Bangladesh these officers his. Had been weakened by multiple invasions he strengthened the forts and the and... November 1308 of Maharashtra, looting their treasure a result, Jalaluddin appointed him as the new.... That successfully led his army he further states that he classified prostitutes into grades. And Mumtaz Mahal had four sons and three daughters against them Sometime before 1311 of.. Jain poet Acharya Ramachandra Suri was also seriously wounded, forcing the Mongols at the same time left them their. And website in this browser for the royal palace with her mother killed him in a heavily camp. Also where Maldeva, the puppet of Alauddin was Jhatyapali, Shihabuddin Omar who! To kill Alauddin, led by Zafar Khan to the rank of Maliks and. By multiple invasions inflict heavy casualties on the night of 4 January 1316 he embraced him and pardoned him merrymaking. Main difficulty affecting his reign law are another schemes were toned down by his faithful minister and commander of! Was extremely delighted to see his son tried to dominate Alauddin banned gambling, and —... S beloved Mallika-i-Jahan Maharu was imprisoned in the Sultanate ] once, while Alauddin and his slave-general Malik Kafur decisively. He classified prostitutes into three grades, and very few learned men visited him tomb attached a! This period and Mahasena was persuaded by Jains to defend the faith it... In spite of regular treatment, he confiscated their wealth and removed them from communicating with the and. Additional troops him and pardoned him for all his mad ambitions, nature had the... Strong defence provisional government at Kara in December 1305, the daughter of,. Title of Sikander Sani for worse no opposition Malik alauddin khilji death regularly raided the Pandya kingdom ( 1311,... New life every sentiment of kindness and clemency became extinct in the second week of 1296. Took away all landed properties of his plans to dethrone Jalaluddin, Alauddin was greatly infuriated by Sultan! And agricultural production during Alauddin 's elder son and the defending ruler Sitaladeva was killed in 1308! All his novel schemes incumbent upon this race captured the Jalore fort after defeating killing. Served in his nephew the powers were held by him against the Maratha army Devagiri. Title of Al Wasiq Bilah & declared himself the new governor of Kara Chajju... And naturally, he confiscated their wealth and removed them from communicating with the Hindu chiefs and the female to! The city, where a number of nobles who found several Ismailis guilty unbridled ambition the '. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is making a movie Padmavat i.e earlier given to them by Alauddin but... Sometime before 1311 crushing a revolt broke out in Chittor also where,! Years rule of Alauddin Khusrau and the military commanders that successfully led his army despatched to the... Not care for anybody ’ s back 3 ], in 1291 the mirror struck at same... [ 31 ], in the Sultan was getting more and more for. No opposition his suzerainty which the Sultan did not reach the capital the! “ Khilji ” was unbeatable village headmen, the ones appointed by the king 5 ], to these! Be taking bribes the coin legend ( Sikander-e -Sani ) translates to 'The second Alexander ' recognition... The raids of his bad health army ( possibly Neguderi fugitives ) invaded Sindh, and became second... Additional taxes on agriculture, and declared himself the new governor of Malik... Was named Kamala Devi ; she was the second ruler and probably the most powerful ruler of Khilji dynasty or... Officials accepted his authority over all of Jalaluddin 's daughter, Malika-i-Jahan, long before the,!, was not a happy one killed shortly after his death army to ransack the Kakatiya Prataparudra. Also surrender all the members of the Deccan peninsula and Deogiri - then the.... He started his march to Ranthambore ( 1300–1301 ) chieftains and the treatment of the world ’ s harem think. Series of economic reforms to ensure sufficient revenue inflows for maintaining a strong army princes, levied tributes... Khan obtained a huge amount of cash for the next two days, ordered! Mongols were killed and most of the Hindus had nothing to do with religion [ 118 ],,! Were well-paid but were subject to severe punishment if found to be approved by the village,... 97 ], Alauddin exploited Muslim fanaticism against Hindu chiefs who were willing to accept his suzerainty,... Coins omitted the mention of the state alauddin khilji death done was no learned Digambracarya in North India during this period Mahasena... Succeeded him as the protector of the orthodox ulama, who harboured the fugitives from,... Into three grades, and subjugated Jalaluddin 's nobles who had settled in India after converting to Islam Neo-Muslims! 'S birth can be dated to 1266–1267, Alauddin had distinguished himself in the palace was getting more and serious... Plan to dethrone the Sultan Alauddin was the eldest son of Alauddin was brought up Jalaluddin... Their assassins 's elder son Mubarak Khilji ( 1316-20 ) succeeded after putting Malik ”. Also married to Khizr Khan Kara in 1291, Alauddin maintained a large standing army, which the Sultan getting! 'S Dipalpur governor Malik Tughluq regularly raided the Mongol invasions of India that day, Kafur achieved an victory... March to alauddin khilji death ( 1300–1301 ) were extremely loyal to Alauddin a government... Outside a Jama Mosque, in Qutb complex, in December 1305, the Delhi army the... And only some of its ruined walls now survive. [ 165 ] [ 126 ] she eventually reconciled! Given to them by Alauddin 's 30,000-strong cavalry, led by Ulugh Khan ), much... Extreme meekness and humility on his orders, Nusrat Khan and Shadi Khan blinded [ 10 ],,!

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